About Us

Noozie Comfort - Revolutionising Heat Therapy

Who We Are

Noozie® is an independent UK based brand specializing in electric hot water bottles.

We are passionate about products that make life more comfortable.

We hope to revolutionise the UK market for heat therapy. This is an area we felt truly benefits many people dealing with everyday and recurring aches and pains, but offers few and limited options.

We wanted to develop an easy and convenient solution that would eliminate the dangers associated with traditional hot water bottles.

  • Hot water bottles are a wonderful rescue remedy. They are a staple in most households across the UK.
  • However, they can be awkward and hazardous to use, especially if you are feeling under the weather.
  • From boiling, to filling, to touching hot rubber: handling traditional hot water bottles can be dangerous.

Introducing… Noozie® Electric Hot Water Bottle.
The hot water bottle without the fuss!

Whether you are a gym goer contending with niggling aches and pains, a new mother waking up to do the nightly feed on a cold night, or a hard worker just looking for some rest and relaxation at the end of a long day…

…Rest assured, Noozie® will take care of you.

Our Mission

  • We are committed to making products that make life more comfortable.
  • We hope to bring you comfort and peace of mind when you need it most.

Our Values

  • Above all, we value your sense of well-being, comfort and independence.
  • We pride ourselves on using premium quality materials you can trust.
  • Consumer safety is paramount. That is why we commission extensive independent product safety testing here in the UK.