How to Hygge!

How to Hygge!
18 / 01 / 2017


Be Cosy, Be Hygge

The buzzword on everyone’s lips this winter has undoubtedly been the word ‘Hygge’. The Danish lifestyle philosophy of ‘hygge’ has made its way over to Britain and is revolutionising the way we think and enjoy (yes, enjoy!) the colder weather.

What is Hygge?

It is difficult to give an exact definition of the word ‘hygge’. That’s because there is no equivalent word in the English language. It is a concept which defies literal translation. Perhaps the closest translation of ‘hygge’ would be ‘cosiness’ or a feeling of cosy contentment. It is a way of life where comfort, wellbeing, warmth and spending time with loved ones is prioritised. It is an aspiration in positive mental attitude and finding enjoyment in simple pleasures.

Hygge in Winter

Winter is the most ‘hygge’ time of year. Denmark is known for its especially cold and long winters. From October to March every year, Denmark becomes shrouded in darkness. The hours of daylight are short and the weather is dreary. ‘Hygge’ as a concept evolved as a means of winter survival and enjoyment. For Danes, it is about invoking feelings of cosy contentment and nostalgia to get them through the winter months cheerfully. The idea of staying cosy, living modestly and embracing simple pleasures is integral in Danish culture – and never moreso than during the grim winter months.

6 tips on how to live a hyggelig life

1. Candles

Candles are key. Taking pleasure from the simple things in life like the crackling of a fire or flickering of candles is said to be especially hygge. The low light of candles creates a cosy and intimate ambience perfect for nestling in or gathering with friends.


2. Comfort Food

Hygge is found in enjoying wholesome, nourishing comfort foods. This can be your favourite piece of cake, nourishing thick soups, aromatic cardamom buns and fragrant mulled wine. All preferably home-cooked. In fact, so trusted is the hygge philosophy, that Danish Doctors are known to prescribe ‘Tea and hygge’ as a cure for the common cold, rather than pharmaceuticals.

3. Fire

The inviting atmosphere of sheepskin rugs in front of a real wood fire epitomises hygge. Add in slippers and warm tea for an extra dose of cosiness!


4. Gratitude

Hygge inspires mindfulness. It encourages people to take pleasure in simple things. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way. Being grateful for the small joys in life creates a feeling of calmness and peace within.

5. Woollen socks and gloves
Perhaps the most common association with hygge is woollen socks – preferably hand-knitted ones. So snuggle up with some comfy blankets and woolly socks and get your hygge on!

To give your hands added warmth, our Noozie® Pebble hand warmers can be placed within your gloves or in your coat pocket to warm you up when you are feeling especially cold!


6. Hot water bottles
Cuddling up to a hot water bottle on cold nights invites that feeling of warmth and tranquillity. Lie back, relax and grab your hottie.

For those of you who struggle with a hot water bottle, Noozie® electric hot water bottles are a great substitute. The warmth of a Noozie bottle, once it is charged, will generate the same warm, fuzzy feelings as the familiar traditional model but without the fuss of kettles and filling.


In all these things, emotional wellbeing, comfort and home are of the utmost importance.
Danish people are internationally rated as the happiest people in the world. The secret to their success may very well lie in hygge. So let us embrace hygge and get cosy this winter! It’s set to be a cold one…